About The Mothedrum Project

The first recording of its kind, MotherDrum presents a unique collection of tribal drum and percussion music recorded live on location inside Great Saltpeter Cave in Mount Vernon, Kentucky. The project evolved from a series of spiritual retreats, featuring as many as 30 people drumming together by candlelight in the great Echo Auditorium inside the cave. There were three gatherings in all; each one was recorded for historic preservation.

MotherDrum reaches far beyond the average New Age or nature recording. The music reveals the intimate experience of a drum circle underground, deep within the womb of the Mother Earth. The enchanting and entrancing rhythms echo through the cave's great chambers. The Mother Earth whispers back in a song of celebration, surrounding the listener in her entrancing heartbeat. No words can describe the unity, the feeling of drumming from the spirit deep inside the Earth. The music we created speaks for itself.